Leonardo Passeri, born in Assisi in 1982, is a distinguished artist whose creative trajectory was profoundly shaped by his studies at the Central Saint Martins School of Arts. Steeped in the realms of art, fashion, and design, Passeri draws inspiration from British philosophy, cyber-goth aesthetics, and the avant-garde.

Passeri’s artistic evolution is a journey marked by profound introspection and a compelling need for expression. In his early works, he experimented with pictorial media, producing abstract landscapes with vivid colors and fluid forms, resonating with primordial existence. Recent projects venture into futuristic realms, depicting post-apocalyptic scenarios and symbolic forms, showcasing Passeri’s versatility across different artistic dimensions.

Passeri’s exhibitions, spanning Italy, the UK, and beyond, highlight his ability to captivate audiences with a unique fusion of avant-garde aesthetics and futuristic visions. Immerse yourself in the evolving narrative of Leonardo Passeri’s artistic odyssey, where each piece invites contemplation and reveals a world of limitless imagination at the intersection of art, fashion, and design.

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The Underground Vibes

The artist studio house gallery

The artist’s studio is his living and working space, nestled in the lower ground floor of a countryside home in the heart of Umbria. It’s an evocative environment known as “Underground Vibes,” once an haute couture clothing factory during the 1980s and 1990s. Leonardo has repurposed this building, and today, it serves as his residence and workspace.

The entire apartment doubles as an exhibition space, accessible only by appointment, offering visitors a unique glimpse into his creative world.
To schedule an appointment to visit the artist’s private gallery, kindly specify your preferred date and time, along with your contact details.

Visits are available on Saturdays and Sundays, with exceptions possible on other days. The artist’s team will contact you to confirm the appointment and share additional visit details.

Thank you for your interest in immersing yourself in the artist’s creative world firsthand.


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The Artist

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